We protect what actually matters

We operate under the coordination of the Romanian Intelligence Service and we are integrators of physical and IT security solutions. Our main goals are to secure national and European critical infrastructure and to ensure national strategic objectives.

  1. 1995

    RASIROM's foundation by H.G. 60 / 27.01.1995

  2. 1996

    Beginning of the implementation of security systems for all NBR branches in the country (National Bank of Romania)

  3. 1999

    Beginning of the implementation of the integrated security system for the NBR headquarters building

  4. 2000

    Completion of the integrated security system implementation for the NBR treasures

  5. 2002

    Beginning of the implementation of the integrated security system at the Parliament Palace

  6. 2004

    Initiation of the supply process Technical consultancy granted to C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica S.A. in the field of security

  7. 2005

    Completion of the video surveillance system for the official routes - S.P.P. (The Protection and Guard Service)

  8. 2008

    Upgrade of the security system from the Presidential Administration - Cotroceni Palace

  9. 2008

    Design of video surveillance and access control systems for Constanța Harbour

  10. 2008

    Completion of the voice and data network at the Parliament Palace

  11. 2008

    Completion of the physical security systems at the N.A.T.O. Summit in Bucharest (Parliament Palace, Cotroceni Palace)

  12. 2009

    Beginning of the implementation of physical security systems, voice and data network and polygon network - S.P.P. (The Protection and Guard Service)

  13. 2010

    Completion of integrated security system implementation at the Parliament Palace

  14. 2013

    Initiation of fire detection and extinguishing system implementation at S.C. Azomureș S.A.

  15. 2014

    Achievement of the integrated security system for A.S.F.

  16. 2015

    Completion of Data Centre system implementation at Cyberint National Centre

  17. 2016

    Achievement of the integrated physical security system for SNTGN Transgaz S.A. - Isaccea

  18. 2017

    The deadline for completing the implementation of the project N.A.T.O. - Ukraine Trust Fund on Cyber Defence

  19. 2018

    Access gates with biometric control installed by RASIROM at the "Henri Coandă" International Airport

  20. 2018

    Latest state-of-the-art audio and video equipment installed by RASIROM at Victoria Palace

  21. 2019

    Informal Meeting of the European Affairs Ministers of EU Member States, organized in Bucharest with the support of RASIROM

  22. 2019

    Sibiu, a safer city, with the support of RASIROM

Because we’re a team of professionals

Being under the coordination of the Romanian Intelligence Service, we share the same values.

With a team of over 100 IT professionals, we have together over 300 years of experience!


Full security with professionals and advanced technology.


We provide our clients with solutions tailored to their requirements by integrating the most advanced technologies and by continuous professional development of our employees, in line with our values: professionalism, legality, integrity, honour and patriotism. Thus, we are the provider of security services and solutions with the largest market share in Romania.
At regional level, we will be a trustworthy strategic partner.


They have chosen us.

Presidential Administration

Chamber of Deputies

The Senate of Romania

Romanian Government

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ministry of Public Finance

Romanian Intelligence Service

Foreign Intelligence Service

The Protection and Guard Service

The Special Telecommunications Service

National Administration of Penitentiaries

National Integrity Agency

National Agency for Environmental Protection

Institute for Advanced Technologies

Romanian Court of Accounts

National Bank of Romania

Commercial Bank of Romania

National Agency for Fiscal Administration

National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activities

Romarm National Company

National Company Bucharest Airports

National Company "Imprimeria Națională"

National Company Unifarm S.A.


State Office for Inventions and Trademarks

The National Gas Transmission Company, Transgaz S.A.

National Electricity Transport Company, Transelectrica S.A.

Electrica S.A.

Our clients want trustworthy partners. Their choice was natural.

RASIROM put forth professionalism and highly qualified staff. What else can you possibly want from those you work with??!
Traian Pometcu, Director of Value Protection - National Bank of Romania

SNTGN Transgaz SA appreciates both the outstanding quality of the work carried out by RASIROM on the installation of TEMPEST integrated security systems and equipments, as well as the professional manner in which the collaboration took place during the contract concluded between the two companies. Exceptional technical expertise, professionalism and efficiency are just some of the outstanding vectors of business excellence and the performance RASIROM has demonstrated in its professional partnerships.
Viorel Achim, Director of Control, Environment quality, Protection and security Department - SNTGN Transgaz SA

The collaboration with RASIROM was a special one, both technically and qualitatively.
Valentin Botofei, Chief of Emergency Department - Azomureș


They have a solid reputation and are leaders in their field of activity. Their technology, together with our experience and vision, make us the best providers of security services.