Technical security system for CONPET SA

RASIROM will provide Conpet, the operator of the national oil and oil products pipeline transportation system in Romania, a technical security system for the protection of the Special Department where classified documents are managed, as well as the for the technical spaces and SCADA offices.

SCADA technology is the one that offers the possibility of remote monitoring and control of the equipment.

RASIROM will deliver various equipment, including video surveillance systems, as well as fire detection and alarm systems and centralized management equipment.

Integrated security system for the Ministry of Public Finance

RASIROM will provide the Ministry of Public Finance with two integrated security systems for two of the institution's headquarters. These include technical security systems, perimeter detection, burglar alarm, access control and video surveillance.

The purpose of these works is to ensure the highest level of protection for the integrity and freedom of the person, but also to limit the possible damage to the values ​​held by the institution.

The Rasirom team takes part in Consumer Electronics Show 2020

During the period of January 7-10, 2020, a Rasirom team will be present at the Consumer Electronics Show, the largest technology fair, held annually in Las Vegas.

C.E.S. 2020 focuses on the latest industry updates and innovations, such as 5G and the Internet of Things, cryptocurrencies, immersive entertainment or smart cities.

The world's largest producers, innovators, government and industry leaders, startups and analysts will meet at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which will host nearly 5,000 exhibitors from all around the world and where over 180,000 visitors are expected to come.

Annually, CES offers an impressive perspective of technological innovations, with the potential to improve the way people live and work.


Rasirom, partnership with Menzies Aviation

Rasirom works on the fire detection and extinguishing system at the electric power plant for the new production and merchandize processing space of Menzies Aviation Cargo Romania, located in the Cargo terminal of the Henri Coanda International Airport.

According to the contract, our company provides the hardware and software equipment and ensures compatibility between them and the existing operating systems. The implementation will be completed in February 2020.

Modern fire detection systems at Azomureș headquarters

In 2019, Rasirom designed, delivered and installed an efficient fire detection and signaling system at one of the new headquarters of Azomureș SA - The Mud Dewatering System - perfectly adapted to the beneficiary's heavily ventilated spaces, where the classic detention system, with point detectors, would not be effective. In addition, the system was integrated into the already existing detection and signaling control room.

In 2020, Rasirom will design, supply and integrate similar systems in another location of Azomureș, NH3 Convertor Room.

Delivery and installation of equipment at the Jupa gas measuring station

Rasirom, as a subcontractor, will implement the integrated security, burglary and fire management system at the Jupa gas measuring station, which is included in the Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria pipeline project. The system will be finalized in 4 months from the moment the implementation starts, but before July 2020.

The measuring station from Jupa (Caraș Severin county), inaugurated in September, is the first major investment objective on the BRUA route in Romania, a project of 500 million Euros that will ensure the transport of Caspian gas to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

A new RASIROM – The Protection and Security Service (SPP) collaboration

Following the contract signed in October 2019, our specialists have verified and corrected the defects found in the fire protection facilities from the headquarters of the Protection and Security Service.

The current project is part of an extended cooperation of Rasirom with SPP, which will go on during 2020. Specifically, our company ensures the maintenance of the safety and security systems, installed by Rasirom, in the buildings managed by the Protection and Security Service.

Revisions of the video equipment from the Chamber of Deputies

The Rasirom teams have checked the functioning of the components of the video surveillance system installed at the Chamber of Deputies.

Specifically, our specialists have disassembled, cleaned, adjusted and reassembled the equipment already installed. In addition, they have made a detailed report of the TVCI subsystem with recommendations regarding the maintenance and repairing needed in the future.

The cooperation between Rasirom and the Chamber of Deputies is already a tradition. Over the years our company has delivered and implemented physical security systems and provided hardware and software equipment.

The Nuclearelectrica headquarters, surveyed by Rasirom

During the months of October and November 2019, Rasirom specialists surveyed the buildings in which National Society Nuclearelectrica S.A. operates and performed a risk analysis of those buildings.

The purpose of the analysis was to establish the design and implementation needs for the access control subsystems, as well as for the fire detection and anti-burglary systems.

The risk analysis regarding the physical security also identified the threats and vulnerabilities that exist at the moment and the experts of the company have come with solutions for limiting or eliminating these problems.

The Rasirom team takes part in Milipol Paris, the largest event dedicated to safety and security

A delegation of the company will attend, during the period November 19-22, Milipol Paris, the event where the latest technologies in the field of security, IT&C services and integrated systems will be presented. The event generates a favorable context for contacting the technology providers, as well as for initiating or developing partnerships in the field of activity of the company.

Over 1,000 exhibitors from 35 countries will gather in Paris, presenting the latest products and technologies related to data protection, civil defense, security of public places, security of financial systems, border control, ports and airports security. Over 160 official delegations from 77 countries will be present, and the number of visitors is estimated at almost 30,000.

Design for the implementation of physical security measures in the field of protection of classified information at the National Electricity Transport Company "Transelectrica" ​​S.A.

In November 2019, Rasirom R.A. has completed the design services for the implementation of the physical security measures exclusively at the level of the areas where classified information within the National Electricity Transport Company "Transelectrica" ​​S.A is managed.

The specialists of the company evaluated the measures existing at the level of 8 objectives of the National Electricity Transport Company "Transelectrica" ​​S.A., in the areas where classified information is managed and proposed appropriate solutions, in accordance with the legal requirements in this field.

The cooperation between Rasirom R.A. and the National Electricity Transport Company "Transelectrica" ​​S.A. is a tradition as, for over 15 years, our company offers expertise for the implementation of optimal security solutions.

Cooperation Rasirom - Transgaz for the SMG Isaccea gas measuring station 1

Rasirom R.A. will participate, as a subcontractor, in the replacement of the SMG Isaccea 1 gas measuring station, by installing the fire and potential explosive atmosphere detection, warning and alarm system of the station. The authorized specialists of Rasirom will design, execute and implement two subsystems of detection, taking into account the constructive characteristics of the inside spaces and the risk that comes with the activity carried out inside the objective.

The Rasirom – Transgaz cooperation is one of tradition, the most recent joint project being the one for the security of the BRUA gas pipeline, meant to increase Romania's ability to export natural gas.

Access gates at the Henri Coandă Airport

Rasirom won the public tender organized by the Bucharest National Airports Company, and has committed to provide eight gates of unisense access, with all the related accessories. The specialists of the company will ensure the installation and commissioning of the gates, as well as the training of the personnel who will use them and, also, the maintenance during the warranty period.

The contract duration is of 28 months, and its value is 400,000 euros, plus VAT.

Maintenance of the security system of the Financial Supervisory Authority

Rasirom provides maintenance and service for the FSA security system for one year. The purpose of this collaboration with the Financial Supervisory Authority is to ensure the functioning and availability of the equipment at its optimal parameters.

The operations that will be carried out during the revisions include the inspection, the restoration and the correction of the defective network paths, the overall checking of the safety systems, the sensors, the accumulators and of all the other components.

In addition, the Authority's staff will be trained in order to be able to efficiently and correctly use the systems.

RASIROM - modernization and upgrade for the PKI system implemented for electronic travel documents

In September 2019, the National Company "National Printing SA" signed a contract with Rasirom, under which our company will provide the modernization of the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) system for electronic travel documents. Rasirom will provide the installation and configuration of the new infrastructure (servers and licenses) as well as the related services (maintenance and support) throughout the contract period of five years.

In 2013, Rasirom was designated by the National Printing Company an integrator for the PKI system related to electronic travel documents. In 2014, Rasirom finalized the implementation of the system and made it operational, providing until August 2019 the maintenance and support. The PKI system functioned in optimal parameters throughout the contract.

Modernization of the security system at the National Integrity Agency

In September, Rasirom specialists completed the work of updating the security systems in one of the headquarters of the National Integrity Agency. This concerns the voice-data network system, the TV system and the internal electrical network. The initial systems were installed in 2017, by Rasirom, and also include fire detection and alarm, as well as access control.

Rasirom has been a constant partner of the National Integrity Agency since 2010.

Firefighting measures for the equipment from the National Institute for Research - Development in Computer Science

RASIROM provided the installation of the additional fire protection equipment at the National Institute for Research - Development in Informatics (ICI), the most important research, development and innovation institute in the field of Information and Communications Technologies in Romania.

The measures are implemented in the Data Center of the Institute, the area where most of the ICI equipment is installed, so that it can function under best conditions, regardless of the outside conditions. The sensors installed increase the detection accuracy and can switch the fire extinguishing system automatically.

Ultramodern key management system, provided by RASIROM to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

RASIROM has delivered and installed a key management system, IQ100 model, for managing keys for offices and technical rooms, to ensure the proper security of the keys and to perform an appropriate audit of their use.

The benefits of introducing this system include centralized programming, administration of over 3,000 users who use the keys included in the system, immediate alarm to the system administrators. Access rights can be established on several levels.

Specifically, the system implemented by RASIROM allows access to each person, based on a personal code or an RFID card, and the user can receive from the key cabinet only the access permission for the assigned keys.

The system was installed at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is part of a larger project, started in 2017, when Rasirom installed similar equipment in other headquarters of the institution.

Photo source: Loxtop.com

Fire protection systems for the Chamber of Deputies

RASIROM won the public tender for the extension of the fire protection system at the Parliament Palace. The initial system, which involved the replacement of 16 fire detection plants, was installed by RASIROM two years ago.

According to the current agreement, two other licenses with 1,000 detection points were purchased and delivered, which were put into function according to the client's requirements.

Video monitoring system at Victoria Palace

In early summer, RASIROM designed a new video monitoring system at Victoria Palace. The specialists of the company did the project after identifying the locations for the technical equipment display, the electricity supply and the way the new surveillance cameras can be integrated in the already existing system.

RASIROM, partner in the realization of the BRUA gas pipeline

RASIROM will participate in securing the Romanian portion of the European project for the construction of the BRUA (Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria) gas pipeline, a project co-financed by the European Union with 179 million Euros. The company will ensure, based on a contract that started in 2018, with a value of over 3 million lei, automation and security works for the natural gas pipeline in Podisor-Recas, in 34 locations on the route between the two mentioned points. The design is already completed, and the company will deliver and implement fire safety, detection and extinguishing systems for all locations mentioned in the contract. In addition, Rasirom will also install integrated management applications for all these points.

Transgaz is one of Rasirom's strategic clients. The European BRUA project was developed to diversify gas supply sources in European countries, facilitating the access of resources from the Caspian region to markets in Central and Southeast Europe.

RASIROM and Backstage Production Group brought to Romania the world's largest mobile led screen for the visit of Pope Francis

One of RASIROM's most difficult missions was to provide audio-video production services for the visit to Sumuleu Ciuc of Pope Francis.

RASIROM's technical teams have managed to overcome the problems arising from the location of the event, an unpaved, hard-to-reach area of ​​more than 20 hectares. Unfavorable weather and the huge number of pilgrims were two more challenges for company's specialists.

The over 85,000 attendees of the mass held by Pope Francis benefited from a high-performance sound system with wireless-controlled delay towers and a screen network that included the world's largest 16x9 meter led screen.

From the location of the screens to connecting them to an integrated system, all steps have been successfully completed over a very short period of time: just three days for implementation and one day for testing.

Photo source: Backstage Production Group


Maintenance of access, fire and anti-burglary systems at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

By the end of 2019, Rasirom will complete a series of maintenance works on the access and video surveillance systems, burglary and fire protection systems at 11 offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The company will provide diagnosis and remediation services, if necessary, for the already functional subsystems.

RASIROM - provider at the European Summit in Sibiu

RASIROM offered, as a subcontractor, the voice-data infrastructure and the electric framework in the tents for journalists as well as in those for press conferences that European leaders held at the informal Summit of Heads of State or Government from the European Union, which took place on May 9, 2019 in Sibiu.

The event was attended by 27 heads of state and government, 36 official delegations, 400 high-rank guests and 800 journalists.

The technical solutions offered by RASIROM had to be adapted to a large-scale event, which involved state-of-the-art networking solutions.

The entire press area was installed in an open space in the Small Square, so it was necessary to connect all tents to voice and data networks. Installing cables in an area with heavy pedestrian traffic has also been a challenge for the company's teams.

Photo source: Backstage Production Group


RASIROM Collaboration - Protection and Guard Service

RASIROM, as a subcontractor, is in charge of restoring and ensuring the safety and security systems for one of the buildings under the administration of the Protection and Guard Service. It is a building that is undergoing consolidation and redecoration, and in this case it was necessary to implement from scratch new anti burglary, fire and BMS components (monitoring of electrical, water, heating and ventilation instalations). Rasirom also deals with the configuration and installation of access control and video surveillance systems. The technologies and solutions offered by our specialists are among the newest ones existing in the field of physical security.

The current project is part of an extended collaboration of RASIROM with the Protection and Guard Service. During the period 2009-2016, similar equipment has been installed in two other buildings of the Service, and the one newly installed will be integrated with the previous systems.

Sibiu, a safer city with the support of RASIROM

In just three months, RASIROM managed to install a comprehensive video surveillance system in Sibiu, aimed at recognizing, preventing and fighting crime in the city.

The extremely complex project involved the installation of surveillance cameras in the main public areas and on the main arteries of the city. The mission of the Rasirom's specialists was all the more delicate as many of the facades on which the equipment was installed are old buildings, historical monuments that have to be preserved.

"I hope this will discourage vandalism, certainly it will not discourage tourists as there are other cities that are super-monitored and still full of tourists. We thought we could give this system a greater use than just to monitor what is happening in the central area. It can also be used for other purposes", said the Mayor of Sibiu, Astrid Fodor, at a press conference.

The system provided by RASIROM, following the winning of the tender, had to be installed in record time in order to be operational at the informal Summit of the Heads of State or Government from the European Union held in Sibiu on May 9,2019.

Contract value: 12.178.519 lei + VAT

Informal Meeting of the European Affairs Ministers of EU Member States, organized in Bucharest with the support of RASIROM

During the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union held by Romania, on March 11-12, 2019, the informal meeting of the General Affairs Council held at the National Bank Palace was attended by the Ministers and State Secretaries for European Affairs of the Member States of the European Union.

The meeting, chaired by Deputy Minister for European Affairs, George Ciamba, has used Rasirom's technical support.

Company's specialists dealt with electrical distribution systems, both in the NBR museum, the meeting place of European officials, and in the press center.

RASIROM also provided the lighting system needed for the press conference room, TV broadcast positions, and official picture positions as well as data transmission equipment. More than 30 Romanian and foreign journalists reported on the informal CAG meeting in Bucharest.

Photo source: romania2019.eu


RASIROM, the main provider of the Informal Meeting of EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs (Gymnich)

Between January 31 and February 1, 2019, RASIROM took care of the technical side of the event hosted by the National Bank of Romania.

Data communication systems, electrical installations, sound systems and the simultaneous translation system have been installed by the company's specialists in a record time.

In addition, the RASIROM team also dealt with construction of furniture and the production of the visual identity elements absolutely necessary for a high-level event.

The meeting of the National Bank of Romania implied a high degree of security, with the foreign ministers of the EU member states taking part. The agenda included a breakfast and four sessions during two consecutive days, and RASIROM provided technical support for all of them.

Also, the company was responsible for the endowment and commissioning of the press center for over 100 accredited journalists.

The informal talks in Bucharest were attended by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini, the Foreign Affairs ministers in the Member States, as well as those from the candidate states for accession to the European Union.

Photo source: romania2019.eu

RASIROM - technical support for the visit of the College of European Commissioners Bucharest

One of the most important moments of the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, held by Romania in the first half of 2019, was represented by the presence in Bucharest, on January 11, 2019, of the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker and the College of European Commissioners.

The meetings of the European leaders with the ministers of the Romanian Government, which took place in several rooms at Victoria Palace, used RASIROM's technical support.

All installed audio-video equipment complied with the standards imposed in Brussels, from simultaneous translation cabins to wireless conference systems or lighting systems. The RASIROM team provided both the equipment and the technical implementation part.

Photo source: romania2019.eu


RASIROM won the 5.5 million euros public tender for securing the "Henri Coandă" International Airport

Since December 2018, RASIROM has become one of the main suppliers of the Bucharest National Airport Company, by winning the public tender for maintenance services with total collateral and accidental repairs for weak current systems and telecommunication installations from the "Henri Coandă" airport, for a duration of five years.

Under the contract, RASIROM provides 24 hours a day maintenance for the main airport operating systems, including access control, closed circuit and commercial TV, fire detection, alarm and fire extinction equipment, smoke evacuation systems and also the parking system.

Any malfunction of these equipments may endanger the air traffic and passenger safety, so RASIROM's specialist teams are ready to intervene at any time.

RASIROM collaborates with Bucharest National Airport Company in the current modernization process too, which includes the refurbishment of the airport areas in order to improve passenger services.

Latest state-of-the-art audio and video equipment installed by RASIROM at Victoria Palace

Victoria Palace's integrated and secured communication system has been configured and installed by RASIROM's specialist teams.

The installed audio equipment is used for the technical support of the government meetings, for official meetings at Victoria Palace, as well as for communication with external venues in the country and abroad in a videoconference system.

RASIROM has made the entire operational stream, from designing and delivering the best technical solutions to installation and maintenance 24 hours a day.

The proposed system includes videowalls, videoconference displays, multimedia processing solutions, infrastructure and audio and video control, wireless microphones, simultaneous translation and communications protection equipment.

The first major political event in which the new communication system was used was the Meeting of the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament and the Government of Romania.

Contract value: 7.697.898 lei + VAT

Photo source: Romanian Government


RASIROM is attending as Exhibitor for Romanian Security Fair - one of the most important events of the security techniques industry on the local market, event that reunites the most important players in the professional industry. Held at the 5th edition and organized by the Romanian Society for Security Technique, the event will deploy along 3 days, during 18 – 20th of October 2018, at Romexpo Central Ward. We are waiting for you to visit our stand – 25/B, in order to discover the products and solutions of the latest generation – technologies: Axis, Bosch, Honeywell, NEC, Pelco etc. RASIROM will show integrated solutions and services. For more details, visit the website: www.romaniansecurityfair.eu/ro.

Access gates with biometric control installed by RASIROM at the "Henri Coandă" International Airport

In May, RASIROM won the public tender for securing "Henri Coandă" Airport, Romania's main air access gateway.

The technical teams of the company have installed access gates with biometric control and all the related technical equipment.

The main purpose of the gates is to double check the staff in the security zone ZERO of the airport.

The second phase of the project involved the addition of access gates for staff working in the departures and arrivals areas.

The access control system installed by the RASIROM specialists has been integrated into the airport access control system, supervised by a software application.


RASIROM applies the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of them.


RASIROM attends the seventh edition of BSDA - Black Sea Defense & Aerospace 2018, International Exhibition and Conference dedicated to the Aeronautical Industry, Defense, National Security, Cyber Security and Private Security. The event will be held from 16 to 18 May, in the exhibition area Romaero Băneasa. We are looking forward to seeing you at our showroom, C106 (Pavilion C).

RASIROM has concluded partnerships with NETWORK ONE DISTRIBUTION (leader of the local distribution market for electro-IT products), ELKOTECH ROMANIA (one of the largest distributors of IT products and solutions), DORMAKABA ROMANIA (provider of security and access solutions), DEDEMAN (national leader in the retail of building materials and interior design).


RASIROM receive the “Channel Partner” Recognition for the DELL EMC Partner Program.

It was published the order of the general manager of ORNISS no. 59/2017, which approved the version 2017 of the National Catalog with INFOSEC packages, products and profiles. RASIROM was listed on page 227 as a manufacturer of Tempest shielded enclosures.


Between November 17th and November 20th 2016, Rasirom participated as an exhibitor at ROMHOTEL - International Exhibition of equipment, furniture and fixtures for hotels and restaurants, event hosted by Romexpo.

On November 16th 2016, Mr. Laurenţiu Trocan was appointed as Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rasirom.

Invited to Korea-Romania ICT Information Day, Rasirom presents its portfolio of works and services, bringing to the attention of participants the capabilities in the field of cybersecurity and physical security.

Rasirom participated in the “Smart Cities of Romania 2016” National Expo-Conference, which took place at the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, between November 8th and November 9th 2016. The Technical Manager of the company, Mr. Ion Anghel, held a presentation on “Securing Critical Infrastructures”.

Rasirom receives from Dell PartnerDirect, via Vice President Michael Collins, the “DellTM Registered Partner” Recognition Certificate.

Between October 20th and October 22th 2016, Rasirom participates as an exhibitor at the 4th edition of the Romanian Security Fair, event hosted by the Romexpo Central Pavilion and organized by the Romanian Association for Security Technique (A.R.T.S.).

The Managing Director of Rasirom, Mr Aurelian Ţolescu, shall hold a presentation on the “Considerations on the Physical and Cyber Security in the Airport Area” topic at the Conference and General Assembly of the Airport Association in Romania. The event that reached its 24th edition shall be held between October 12th and October 14th 2016 at Băile Felix.

Rasirom receives the “Certificate of Recognition - Complex Solutions for Data Centres” from APC by Schneider Electric.

The “Security systems for papers and documents with special treatment” workshop took place at the RASIROM headquarters, attended by representatives of important institutions of the Romanian State.

On the first day of the Black Sea Defence and Aerospace Exhibition - BSDA 2016, the RASIROM booth was visited by official delegations of the United States Embassy, the British Embassy, the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Ministry of National Defence.

On May 18th 2016, the 6th edition of the Black Sea Defence and Aerospace exhibition of military and security technique shall start at Romaero Băneasa - BSDA 2016, the largest exhibition in Eastern Europe in this field. During the three days of the event, we are waiting for you at the A102 booth, where RASIROM shall be present alongside the Romanian Intelligence Service.

Rasirom receives the “Company of the year 2015 - MB Partner +” award in Lisbon from Honeywell - Security & Fire.

Consistent with the idea of safety and protection, we shall present at the RASIROM booth solutions and systems for fire detection, video surveillance and hotel access control at the “Exhibition of Hotel Equipment and Public Food – The 14th Edition”. The exhibition shall take place between March 17th and March 20th 2016, at the Mamaia - Constanța Exhibition Pavilion.


Rasirom shall participate as an exhibitor at “ROMHOTEL - International Exhibition of equipment, furniture and fixtures for hotels and restaurants”, event hosted by Romexpo from November 12th to November 15th 2015. Together with our partner - Dény Security, we are waiting for you at booth 61, pavilion C5, where we shall present you our access solutions.

On the occasion of the 7th edition of the “National Conference of the Romanian Association for Security Technique” (A.R.T.S.), which shall take place on June 3rd 2015 and shall be hosted by the Athenée Palace Hilton Hotel - Diplomatic Hall, the Deputy Managing Director of Rasirom - Mr. Florian Modan shall moderate the “Security Expert - Verifier and Referee” topic. The guests for this topic are: Mr. Dan Petrescu – I.C. Transelectrica Manager, Virgil Olteanu - Head of the Transgaz Anti-Fraud Office and Mr. Marian Firoiu, PhD in engineering - University Politehnica of Bucharest.-F.T.T.I.

The Managing Director of Rasirom, Aurelian Ţolescu, PhD in engineering, participates in the National Cybersecurity Conference. Organizers: BURSA and IntelSeCo Press Group. Among the topics of the discussion – “Trends in the global and European cyberspace regulation field”, “Cybersecurity policies and strategies at user, organization and state level”, “Cyber threats against cyber intelligence”, “Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Financial, Transport, Medical, Educational and Energetic Fields”.

Rasirom receives the “Project of the year 2015” award within the MOBOTIX - SEE 2015 Partners National Conference.


Representatives of Rasirom attend the “Construction Entrepreneurship Exhibition”, an event to be hosted by Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest between November 10th and November 11th 2014 and organized by ABplus Events.

During the 3 days of the Romanian Security Fair 2014, Rasirom representatives had the opportunity to meet with various industry partners and not only, the company’s booth being visited by many specialists in the field.

Between October 8th and October 10th 2014, Rasirom participates as an exhibitor at the third edition of the Romanian Security Fair, an event hosted by the Romexpo Central Pavilion and organized by the Romanian Association for Security Technique (A.R.T.S.).

Rasirom representatives took part in the works of the MISWG International Conference, presenting to the audience the services and products offered by the company.

In the period September 24th-26th 2014, the Managing Director of RASIROM shall take part in the 22nd Conference and General Meeting of the Romanian Airport Association, which shall take place in Poiana Braşov, where he shall hold a presentation on “Physical Security Technologies in the Airport Sector”.

RASIROM participates in the works of the 29th Plenary of MISWG (Multinational Industrial Security Working Group), which shall be held in Bucharest, in the period September 9th – September 12th 2014.

One year after the launch of the new Administration site, the Rasirom team is grateful to its partners, clients and 5432 visitors (of which 4001 unique visitors) and is committed to reassure both them and the followers of the continuous effort to improve its services and products.

On the first day of the BSDA 2014 exhibition, the Rasirom and Igloo Security booths were visited by the Minister of Defence, officials of the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Ministry of Interior, as well as representatives of the foreign delegations present at the event.

We invite you in the period May 14th- May 16th at the A105 booth - the Romaero Baneasa complex, within the BSDA - Black Sea Defence & Aerospace Exhibition, where Rasirom and Igloo Security (South Korea) shall be present with physical and cybersecurity products, services and solutions.

RASIROM and Igloo Security - a leading provider of integrated security services and solutions in South Korea, have launched a partnership to cooperate and provide interactive support in areas of common interest - physical and cybersecurity. A first step in this direction shall be the joint participation in the 5th edition of the “BSDA - Black Sea Defence & Aerospace” Exhibition, to be held in Bucharest during May 14th - May 16th 2014.


Because social responsibility means involvement and action at the same time, RASIROM supports the Association for Support of Physically Disabled Children - Romania in its efforts to develop and run social projects and programs.

EXPOMIL 2013 was the framework for the promotion of two of the company’s products, “DVR H.264 - 16 channels” and “Biometric Fingerprint Communications System”. The exhibition proved to be an effective means to make our products and services known, the visitors of the booth being interested in addressing prevention, protection and security solutions. Thus, RASIROM reaffirms its position and role on the Romanian market.

RASIROM shall take part from September 26th to September 29th 2013, together with the Romanian Intelligence Service, at the 8th edition of EXPOMIL, which shall take place at the Romexpo Exhibition Centre. The company’s presence in the exhibition aims at presenting the technical competencies and the capabilities of designing / implementing turn-key security solutions to provide customers with systems and equipment appropriate to the risks and vulnerabilities specific to the beneficiaries.

RASIROM and Nice Systems LTD. have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at developing security projects and solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.

Starting September 2013, RASIROM ensures the design and implementation of a fire detection, alarm and signalling system for SC AZOMUREŞ S.A.

AUTOSERVICE RASIROM website is up-to-date. Visitors to the site can access the services provided, can schedule an online car review, and can make use of the existing auto parts store.

RASIROM launches the new site and wants thus to provide better communication and transparency to both its customers and its partners. The structure of the site is intended to be more intuitive and interactive.

RASIROM shall take part in the 8th edition of EXPOMIL - International Exhibition for Military Equipment, which shall take place at the Romexpo Exhibition Centre, between September 26th and September 29th 2013.

RASIROM participates in the second edition of the “Safety Systems of Life - Competence and Responsibility” conference, supported by Honeywell Life Safety Romania.
European and national legislative news has been presented and debated:
- the current European legislative context. (EU) Regulation no. 305/2011 laying down harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products;
- the new normative draft for fire detection and fire alarm systems - part IV of the National Fire Safety Code for Buildings.

Mr. Managing Director, Aurelian Ţolescu, PhD in engineering, together with Mr. Deputy Managing Director Florian Modan, PhD in engineering, hold a presentation of the company on the “Information and Communication Systems Security by which classified EU information is handled” topic at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attend the annual meeting of the Extranet Ro 2013 security administrators..