Provision of services


We design and configure communications infrastructures


We supply, install and comission equipment


We ensure the maintenance of equipment and systems


We offer warranty and post-warranty services


We assess the risks of physical security, prepare security plans and projects


Ratings and certifications

Physical security solutions

Our clients have needs, and we are here to provide them with solutions. We integrate complex and complete security projects; we deliver turnkey solutions tailored to each client. Using intrusion detection and signalling systems, we make sure that no intruder penetrates places where the same is not wanted. By the access control, we monitor the flow of visitors. We have solutions involving physiognomy identification, digital fingerprint, iris, palm and voice print. We offer image capture solutions, closed-circuit television dispatchers, automatic motion detection for exterior and interior. The detection, automatic fire detection and extinguishing, or anti-terrorism control are some of the other capabilities we have, all to complete the physical security of our clients.

Completed works examples:
- Integrated physical security system SNTGN Transgaz SA - ISACCEA (2016)
- Integrated physical security system - NBR headquarters (1999-2002)
- Integrated physical security system – ASF (2014)
- Fire detection and extinguishing system - SC Azomureş SA (2013-2016)
- Integrated Security System – SPP (Protection and Guard Service) (2009-2016)

Cyber security solutions

We offer complex IT security solutions, by assessing the system security. We perform security audits, achieve and implement SOC / NOC services. We develop third-party integration solutions. We recover and restore data from various storage media.

Completed works examples:
- The Data Centre of the National Cyberint Centre (2014-2015)
- ORNISS IT & Telecommunications System (2015)
- NATO-Ukraine Trust Fund on Cyber Defence (2015-2017)

Voice & data networks

We carry out public communication infrastructures, structured cabling networks for which we ensure security by implementing confidentiality and data integrity measures. We perform data management and auditing, by using advanced data synchronization procedures.

Completed works examples:
- Voice & data network at SRI county offices (2005-2010)
- Voice & data network at the Parliament Palace (2008)
- Voice & data network at the SPP (Protection and Guard Service) headquarters (2009-2016)
- Voice & data network at the National Integrity Agency (2012)

Electrical installations

We design and manufacture electrical power supply installations for low voltage installations.

Completed works examples:
- Rehabilitation of electrical installations – Romanian Intelligence Service headquarters (2012)
- Rehabilitation of electrical installations – Ministry of Internal Affairs, Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Security headquarters (2013)

Building Management System

If you want to increase your comfort and safety, if you want to optimize your expenses, if you want to reduce your intervention time and optimize maintenance, it’s obvious that you need a BMS system. Such a system helps you monitor and control the electrical and mechanical equipment and optimize the power consumption. In short, a smart building.

Completed work example:
- Implementation of the BMS system - SPP (Protection and Guard Service) headquarters (2009-2016)


We evaluate and certify containers intended for the purpose of keeping classified state information and we are authorized to do so.